Sweater Weather


I recently did a try on session at Free People and I have to say I loved everything I tried on.  This brand isn’t usually one I will go after but with fall right around the corner I thought why not step out of my comfort zone and see what this brand is like.  Most of their items fit oversize but that is how they are made and surprisingly I was in heaven with the pieces I tried on.


The 3 sweaters I tried on were all meant to fit oversized and with fall right around the corner they can help any summer outfit transtition into a fall outfit.


The first sweater I tried on was so comfortable.  It’s the perfect sweater to wear around the house or throw it on when it starts to get chilly out at night time.  A cute bralette would pair perfect since it has a plunging v-neck, throw over a pair of jeans and a tank during the chilly summer nights and you are good to go.  I am wearing an XS/S in white.  It also comes in 4 other colors.



As much as I wanted to like this sweater I just couldn’t do it.  Yes, it fit oversized and it has a hood but I just couldn’t get into it.  The only plus about this sweater was that it has pockets.  I am wearing an XS/S in sangria and it comes in one other color.


and the last sweater I tried on was my favorite and my husband favorite….




This sweater is so comfortable that I could definitely take a few naps in it.  It fits oversized and I’m wearing an XS in ivory and it comes in 6 additional colors.  This ‘sweater’ is considered a thermal but regardless I would purchase this if I were you.  It is the perfect ‘sweater’ to transition in fall.  Throw it on during those late chilly summer nights with a pair of shorts or during this crisp fall mornings with a lace bralette and a pair of joggers.

**I would recommend the sweater to everyone**



I tried on one thing that was tight to the body and I wasn’t a fan (I’ll stick with the sweaters I tried on)


I tried on this black lace tank and when I saw it on the hanger I was really excited about. I love lace (my wedding dress was all lace) so I got my normal size and headed to the fitting with my other things in hand.  First off,  I’m a small girl, I have a small frame so my normal size is usually and XS or S when I put on the s I could barely move that is how tight it was.  I’m unsure if thats how its suppose to fit but I wasn’t a fit.  I’m wearing a S in black and it also comes in white.

I paired it with….

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 10.12.09 AM.png

This bralette. This is the first lace bralette I tried on and it was comfortable.  I tried on a S in black and there is 5 additional colors.


I tried on one pair of jeans and I’m not sure about them.  I like the distressed look on them but I’m not a fan of where they cut my long.  I’m on the taller side so I’m not sure if they are suppose to be cropped or not but they are cropped on me.  I can’t find the jeans on their site but I am wearing a size 25.  They have a few other pairs of jeans I wouldn’t mind trying on.


Happy shopping and let me know if you purchase any of the pieces I tried on.




date night


My husband and I have different days off work so when I know its date night I get really excited.  I put together this easy date night outfit that is perfect for summer and can transition into fall easily.


This outfit can transition easily into fall with any cardigan but this one from target (what girl doesn’t love target) is one of my favorite.  Not only is it super affordable but its also comfortable.  There have been a few evenings where I fell asleep in it, thats how comfortable it is.  I am wearing a size xs in the cardigan and I’m 5’8 and I love the length of it on me.  It also comes in 10 colors altogether.


This tank is from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & I love it.  It’s super lightweight so its perfect for summer and will be a perfect layering piece come fall.  I love the color and the little lace detail at the bottom of the tank.  It is also reasonably priced at only $29 and comes in one other color.


These boots.  These boots.  These boots.  I have no words for them.  They are really comfortable with the block heel and come right to my knees.  I love the neutral color because come fall they will go with everything which makes me a little more excited for fall.  I am wearing my regular size, an 8.5 in the color Havano.  In addition to the color I’m wearing there also 3 other colors.  These boots are also a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale item.




Off to enjoy my date night with my handsome hubs




p.s my jeans are super old.  like 5 years old.  i found them in the stockroom of Hollister when i worked there. super old. a very long time ago.

fall is coming



FALL is coming and I’m super excited.  The crisp mornings and the cool breezy nights are my favorite times of the year.  With that, I love a good comfortable sweater and with this purple turtleneck how could I not be ready for fall.  You can dress it up or dress it down.



I can’t say enough about this turtleneck.  It’s one size and it’s so comfy.  I got it from American Eagle in the clearance section which is currently 60% off.  Make sure to check out an American Eagle store or the website to check out the clearance section.  Some great finds.


These pants or should I say spanx since that is what they are.  I have jeans and leggings that fit like a glove but these are nothing like I have.  I wasn’t sure about buying them at first but I bought them through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (more on that in another post later this week or next week) and I’m so glad I did.  I am wearing an xsmall and I am very pleased with them.  Yes, since the sale is over they do cost a pretty penny but I HIGHLY recommend them.  **if you take anything away from this post, BUY the SPANX**

The 2 shoes that I paired with the turtleneck and spanx are also from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Every time I went to go check the shoe section the pink ones were always sold out in my size (I’m wearing a size 8.5).  Two days before the sale was over they were restocked in my size and you better believe I added them to my cart and bought them.



These grey ones are super cute and with the block heel they are easy to walk in.  I’m on the taller side so finding heels that is easy to walk in for me is kinda hard but with the block heel, I could walk in them all day.


*taking pictures in this turtleneck while its 85 degrees outside wasn’t easy but thanks to my husband for always making me laugh during our shoots 🙂 *




Rainy Days

I love a good rainy day during summer time and I have the best rain boots to get me through those days.  I bought them a few years ago while on a trip to Boston and I fell in love with the color.  Hunter Boots are the best company around for rain boots.  They have so many variations of rain boots; kids options; clothing and bags and accessories.  The ones below I love them; the teal short gloss rain boots.


For reference: I wear a size 8

I usually wear a 8.5 or 9 in most shoes.  I had to size down for these to fit comfortably.

Right now Hunter is having a sale up to 40% off on sale items.  Below are some of my faves that are currently on sale:

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 4.56.55 PM.png

Original refined Rain Boots in Pale Air Force

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 5.00.19 PM.png

Orginial Tall Glass Rain Boots in Succulent Green

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 5.03.57 PM.png

Original Ticker Tape Sandal in Pinksand

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 5.16.55 PM.png

Geometric Prints

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 5.17.23 PM.png

Six-stitch cable boot socks

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 5.17.08 PM.png

Geometric Prints

There are so many great items on sale but these are a few of my favorites make sure to check the sale out, everyone needs a pair of rain boots.



Start of Summer

You can never predict a summer in Pennsylvania.  We have days that are hot with a cool breeze, days that are hot with a hot breeze, days filled with rain and clouds and days that are just too humid to want to do anything else besides sit inside in the a/c.  My favorite days are ones where it is just the perfect temperature to chill outside with a nice cold, refreshing beer and have some laughs with my friends.

Even on the hottest days of the summer you can still catch me in jeans.  Yes, it may be as hot as ever and as humid as everything but I feel most comfortable in jeans, super skinny jeans none the less 🙂 I may be wearing jeans almost all summer long but I love to throw a cute little tank on and I’m set for the day.  Along with a cute little tank, a good pair of sandals can make any outfit that much better.

It may be a few days past ‘the first day of summer’ but I’m starting my summer off in the cutest, light weight tank with a pair of block wedges that only cost $35 (I love me a good sale) 19427859_10155205914225552_626851070_n.jpg

Everything in this post besides the shoes I’ve had.  The white jeans I’ve linked are not the same ones but the same brand.  They fit just right.  I have long legs and it’s really hard to find jeans that actually fit the length of my legs.  Sadly, the cute lace coral top is longer available but I’ll link other options from the same store.  I’ve also linked Sunglass options  . The striped fold-over bag is no longer available but is the perfect bag for any summer outfit.


Sometimes the outfit is all about the footwear.  I have to tell you these sandals can definitely make an outfit just right.  First off-I am on the taller side, almost 5’9 so when buying any shoes with any type of heel I have to check the heel height considering I am already taller than my husband when I’m not wearing any shoes.  This is the first pair of sandals that I own that have a block heel and I have to say I love them.  Not only do they have a cute little tassel but they also have a strappy detail to wrap around the ankle with a zip-up back.  These sandals come in 3 different colors-black, sand and olive.  The black and sand are on sale for $34.99 and the olive is $24.99.  //GO BUY THEM//




Let the summer fun begin 






I’ve seen other bloggers post about the Victoria Beckham at Target collection and needed to check it out for myself and I must say I want EVERYTHING.  My mom and I went to Target last week to check out what the Target near us had and even my mom was a fan of almost the whole collection.  My mom told me that we could return in a few days to pick some pieces.

A few of my favs:

Bee Print Button Down

Blush Floral Bomber

White Button Down

Bunny Collared Top

I purchased the last two pieces and I will be purchasing more. I will have to order online since the Target near me ran out of my size in almost everything.

I styled the bunny top on my Instagram but here are a few pictures for a refresh

I really like the White Button Down. It is a very classic piece that I personally think can either be dressed up or dressed down. I decided to style it just casually with a pair of cute booties.

•don’t forget to check back, I’ll be purchasing some more pieces soon•

sunday craft

My husband and I have this thing for champagne.  Before we had the jobs we have now we created this thing we like to call Champagne. Bacon. LMN. Sunday. (LMN=Lifetime Movie Network) Yes, my husband would watch this channel with me, but back to the star of this post, the champagne.  My husband and I have started saving the champagne bottles that we finish and we actually have a little collection going so we decided to start doing something with them.

Suppliesany size champagne bottle, any color spray paint and this time we added some sparkle.  I picked up this little glitter case for $1 from target of course ( I love me some target, who doesn’t)


Once we had all the supplies it was time to get started.   I don’t really trust myself with the whole spraying of the spray paint so I left that to my husband.  This time we went with a grayish color, it has a bit of a texture to it.

This was a super easy project that we will be doing again with other champagne bottles.

Final Product


New York City Trip-Part 2

I know it has been a few days since I posted ⋅part 1⋅ but finally here is ⋅part 2⋅ and I’m so excited about this.

Saturday was a fun filled day walking around New York City with my husband.  After The Survivor Tree, we made our way to Birchbox.  I have been subscribed to Birchbox for the last 6 years and it is the only beauty subscription I have.  For $10 a month you get 5 samples from anywhere to shampoo to lipstick, from lotion to face wipes, the option are endless and I always get excited for my box to arrive so I knew when we were in NYC we had to check out the store so we could build our own Birchbox.  When you first walk into Birchbox it is literally a girls dream.  We made our way downstairs to the men section for my husband to build his box.

I did a very small interview with my husband on the products he picked and why he picked them.  I asked my husband an overall question-Why did you decide to go with this product?

  1. Harry’s Razor-sleek design and package, 5 blades, replacement blades available, its heavy but gives the feeling of good quality.
  2. Ernest Supplies-spearmint flavor with aloe. Aloe protects the lips from getting chapped or dry
  3. Das Boom-smells amazing and suppose to help shorten shower time, who wouldn’t want something to help them shorten their shower time when in a hurry.
  4. Anchors Aweigh Hair Co-he went with the matte finish, smells good and will wash out easily in the shower.
  5. Eau Profonde Thirdman-it smells fantastic, citrus and amber notes and would buy full size bottle (NOTE: I have linked the full size bottle, my husband only picked out a sample when we were at Birchbox)

After Birchbox we wanted to get some drinks and some food so I googled bars near us and  Blind Tiger seemed interesting, I mean after all they were apparently named bar for the best bar food and we love some bar food.  The bar was literally packed, people could barely move so we knew it was a well known place and the food had to be good.  They had a nice little fire going and we finally got a table and as we were waiting for our food we looked outside and it started snowing.  The week leading up to the NYC trip I made sure to keep an eye on the weather because I can deal with the cold but the wind and snow NO THANK YOU, it is not my thing.

We finally finished our food and made our way outside to everything turning white.  We got a taxi and made our way back to the hotel, walking around NYC is very tiring.  We got dropped off like 2 blocks from the hotel which for some reason didn’t bother me this time, I mean after all I did have my husband with me.  We got out right near the World Trade Center Memorial as we were walking to our hotel we just took it all in.  The SNOW, the people, the honking, just the busiest of the city-we took it all in and we were happy.


YES-I bought a beanie. First time for everything, right?


Fog & Snow but look at those smiles









Sunday arrived, our day to depart, The City That Never Sleeps.  We were both determined to get in Sunday Brunch. I mean after all we were in NYC so why not brunch it up while there.  When we first woke up we took some time to find the perfect place for our so called ‘last meal’.  We finally agreed on Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant


My husband and I have had brunch before and from multiple places, I mean we use to live in Florida so we know how to brunch.  This place is hands down the best place we have been so far.  



Drinks-2 Mimosas-I love me some champagne.  My husband also got a Lime Squash.  It was good but I am not a fan of pulp.

Brunch-husband got the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon


I literally got the most incredible biscuit breakfast sandwich EVERRR.  I know everyone is gonna say but it is just a breakfast sandwich but I AM the pickiest eater ever.  I don’t like mixing my food together, I am a texture person but this sandwich literally made me open my eyes to trying new things.



and without farther ado I present to you the Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich.  A combination of scrambled eggs, melted cheese, bacon and with there house made tomato jam.  I was nervous about the tomato jam so I asked without it but they brought the jam in a little dish for a side and OMGGG it was the most delicious jam ever and I’m not the one for jam.  That picture does not do justice for how amazing this was.  With the biscuit so fresh it crumbled apart and the taste of everything mixed together with the jam I literally was in heaven.

If ever in NYC please go visit this bakery and you won’t regret it.

and last but not least DESSERTwe got a slice of the Black & White Layer Cake  deep dark chocolate ganache filling, vanilla frosting and dark chocolate glaze


I feel like we really took in the city and everything it has to offer and we can’t wait to go back this summer to explore more.


New York City Trip-Part 1

My last post was all about my Teen Vogue Experience and this post is going to be all about my New York City trip with my husband.

My husband arrived 2 hours after my Teen Vogue Experience was over and I was so excited to see him.  It was our first trip where we both traveled separate and the reason we did was because he stayed in PA to work that day than made his way to NYC afterwards by train.  Once he got settled into the hotel we were both hungry and weren’t quite were to go, thankfully there was a bar right across the street.  Bill’s Bar & Burger was literally located right across the street from our hotel, when we arrived we instantly felt at home because we felt like it was a bar we would have gone to at home.  I had the smoked pulled pork sandwich and my husband had the california turkey blt.  Bill’s has other locations besides NYC-they are also located in Atlantic City and Pittsburgh.












I did a quick outfit change before we went out.  When I was at Teen Vogue Experience I wore a simple black top with a chambray shirt and this cardigan, that I absolutely love and I talked about in my very first blog.  Before dinner I changed my cardigan in for the black lace bomber that I also talked about in my very first blog with this off white/tan jacket that can either be dressed up or dressed down.

It was still early enough that we didn’t want to go back to the hotel yet but we weren’t quite sure what to do.  I am a huge∗ dessert and sweet person.  I have seen and heard about this place that had insane looking milkshakes and I knew when we were in New York we had to visit this place.  I highly recommend checking out Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer if you are ever in NYC.  They have multiple locations.












When we first got there we walked right in not thinking there was a line or anything but soon after a man came and got us and took us to this line that was down the street where we had to wait our turn.  It was so weird waiting in line outside down the street but we had to remember that we were in NYC and most of the buildings are narrow and long so it was understandable why the line was outside.  We finally got to sit down and we already knew that we wanted some ‘crazy’ shakes.  I decided to go with The Cookie Shake and it defiantly hit the sweet spot.  The Cookie Shake-vanilla frosted rim with cookie crumbles topped with a ‘cookiewich’, crumbled cookies, chocolate chips, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle. My husband decided to go with Cotton Candy.  Cotton Candy-vanilla frosted rim with blue, pink & pearl chocolates topped with a pink lollipop, rock candy, whipped cream & cotton candy.

We finally called it a night after getting the shakes, I mean we have been up since 3am so I was dead tired.  We got a taxi and started to head back to our hotel or so we thought, we finally realized the taxi driver didn’t know where our hotel was and he dropped us off at this random ice skating rink.  We obviously had no idea where we were so we got another taxi in hopes he knew where our hotel was and thankfully he did.


this is the view we had at breakfast from the View of the World Terrace Club

I usually don’t sleep in at all anymore but I guess I was extremely exhausted because I actually slept in.  We got up and got ready for the day, we just ate breakfast at the hotel and we were off to explore.

Considering my husband has never been to NYC I knew we had to explore as much as we could.  Our hotel was walking distance to the World Trade Center Memorial so we headed there to check it out.


These pictures don’t do justice though.  I know it has been almost 15 years since 9/11 happen and honestly I never actually, truly thought about it until we were actually at the memorial.  It honestly hit me to the point where I was getting teary eyed and I am not one to cry.  Just thinking back to that day and to remember exactly where I was and what I was doing and to see how far we have came since.  To walk around the twin memorial ponds and to see all the victims from the attack was so surreal.

As we were leaving people were gathered around this tree so we went to see what it was all about.  The Survivor Tree is unbelievable and has been through so much and is still standing after everything.  The pear tree was still alive after the September 11, 2001 attacks. (I link the website so you can read all about The Survivor Tree)



Teen Vogue Experience

So from the start I’ll tell you that this will be a long post.  I have a lot to talk about in this post so it is understandable.  My trip was unbelievable and eye awakening.

The day finally arrived where I would be traveling to New York City by train by myself.  This is the first trip where I would be traveling by myself and to be honest I was terrified.  Once I got on the train and settled in my anxiety started to go away a little bit, and I started thinking that this wasn’t that bad.









I knew once I got to NYC I would have to hail a cab and I never once did such a thing nor did I know how to do such a thing.  Once I got out of the train station I noticed there was a line of people gathered about than I noticed these poles that had the word “taxi” on them.  I took my place in line and waited my turn.  As I was waiting I wasn’t quite sure what I would say to the taxi driver; do I give him the address of the hotel, do I give him the name of the hotel I would be staying at.  It was finally my turn and I told the taxi driver the name of my hotel.  As I was waiting I was nervous that I was going to get a taxi driver that wouldn’t know where my hotel was and wouldn’t you know it I ended up with a taxi driver that never even heard of my hotel.  My hotel was located walking distance to the World Trade Center Memorial so how did the taxi driver not know where my hotel was.  The taxi left me out 3 blocks away and on the opposite side of the street my hotel was located on.  All I have to say is Thank God for GPS on my cell phone.

Once I finally got checked into my hotel, Club Quarters Hotel. I made my way to Conde Nast and it was less than a 10 minute walk from my hotel.  We all had to wait in line before receiving badges with our names on them and we all made our way up to the 34th floor where the Teen Vogue Experience would begin.

The experience started out with a little editorial panel discussion + Q&A with Teen Vogue editors and directors such as the Editor of Teen Vogue-Elaine Welteroth; Art Director-Erin Hoover; Fashion Market Editor-Sarah Brody; Accessories Editor-Kirby Marzec; Social Media Director-Terron Moore; and Editorial Assistant-Melanie Mignucci.  The panel was moderated by the Social Media Coordinator-Samantha Fox.  The discussion was very informative.


If anyone knows me knows I don’t wear any make-up and when I do it is only mascara.  I have very smooth skin without many blemishes.  So when the experience came with an opportunity to get your make-up touched up by a professional I was hesitant to do so.  I didn’t want him to pile on the make-up and make my skin irritated so I took a while to decide if I actually wanted to get my make-up ‘touched up’ or if I just wanted to go right to  the photo shoot part of the experience.  After talking to the make-up artist he insisted that he wouldn’t pile on the make-up nor did I actually need that much.

IMG_3768.JPG   IMG_3756.JPG

The MUA was super nice and I also added him to the ‘anchor‘ pack.



MUA: dearfella

After getting my make-up ‘touched up’ there was a photographer that was there to take some pictures.  I am awkward in front of the camera.  When I do my ‘ootd’ pictures my husband is the one taking them and he knows how to make me laugh so I’m not so awkward.  Teen Vogue will have a album on their Facebook page with everyones pictures so make sure to keep an eye out on there Facebook page for those pictures.