Teen Vogue Experience

So from the start I’ll tell you that this will be a long post.  I have a lot to talk about in this post so it is understandable.  My trip was unbelievable and eye awakening.

The day finally arrived where I would be traveling to New York City by train by myself.  This is the first trip where I would be traveling by myself and to be honest I was terrified.  Once I got on the train and settled in my anxiety started to go away a little bit, and I started thinking that this wasn’t that bad.









I knew once I got to NYC I would have to hail a cab and I never once did such a thing nor did I know how to do such a thing.  Once I got out of the train station I noticed there was a line of people gathered about than I noticed these poles that had the word “taxi” on them.  I took my place in line and waited my turn.  As I was waiting I wasn’t quite sure what I would say to the taxi driver; do I give him the address of the hotel, do I give him the name of the hotel I would be staying at.  It was finally my turn and I told the taxi driver the name of my hotel.  As I was waiting I was nervous that I was going to get a taxi driver that wouldn’t know where my hotel was and wouldn’t you know it I ended up with a taxi driver that never even heard of my hotel.  My hotel was located walking distance to the World Trade Center Memorial so how did the taxi driver not know where my hotel was.  The taxi left me out 3 blocks away and on the opposite side of the street my hotel was located on.  All I have to say is Thank God for GPS on my cell phone.

Once I finally got checked into my hotel, Club Quarters Hotel. I made my way to Conde Nast and it was less than a 10 minute walk from my hotel.  We all had to wait in line before receiving badges with our names on them and we all made our way up to the 34th floor where the Teen Vogue Experience would begin.

The experience started out with a little editorial panel discussion + Q&A with Teen Vogue editors and directors such as the Editor of Teen Vogue-Elaine Welteroth; Art Director-Erin Hoover; Fashion Market Editor-Sarah Brody; Accessories Editor-Kirby Marzec; Social Media Director-Terron Moore; and Editorial Assistant-Melanie Mignucci.  The panel was moderated by the Social Media Coordinator-Samantha Fox.  The discussion was very informative.


If anyone knows me knows I don’t wear any make-up and when I do it is only mascara.  I have very smooth skin without many blemishes.  So when the experience came with an opportunity to get your make-up touched up by a professional I was hesitant to do so.  I didn’t want him to pile on the make-up and make my skin irritated so I took a while to decide if I actually wanted to get my make-up ‘touched up’ or if I just wanted to go right to  the photo shoot part of the experience.  After talking to the make-up artist he insisted that he wouldn’t pile on the make-up nor did I actually need that much.

IMG_3768.JPG   IMG_3756.JPG

The MUA was super nice and I also added him to the ‘anchor‘ pack.



MUA: dearfella

After getting my make-up ‘touched up’ there was a photographer that was there to take some pictures.  I am awkward in front of the camera.  When I do my ‘ootd’ pictures my husband is the one taking them and he knows how to make me laugh so I’m not so awkward.  Teen Vogue will have a album on their Facebook page with everyones pictures so make sure to keep an eye out on there Facebook page for those pictures.


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