sunday craft

My husband and I have this thing for champagne.  Before we had the jobs we have now we created this thing we like to call Champagne. Bacon. LMN. Sunday. (LMN=Lifetime Movie Network) Yes, my husband would watch this channel with me, but back to the star of this post, the champagne.  My husband and I have started saving the champagne bottles that we finish and we actually have a little collection going so we decided to start doing something with them.

Suppliesany size champagne bottle, any color spray paint and this time we added some sparkle.  I picked up this little glitter case for $1 from target of course ( I love me some target, who doesn’t)


Once we had all the supplies it was time to get started.   I don’t really trust myself with the whole spraying of the spray paint so I left that to my husband.  This time we went with a grayish color, it has a bit of a texture to it.

This was a super easy project that we will be doing again with other champagne bottles.

Final Product


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