Start of Summer

You can never predict a summer in Pennsylvania.  We have days that are hot with a cool breeze, days that are hot with a hot breeze, days filled with rain and clouds and days that are just too humid to want to do anything else besides sit inside in the a/c.  My favorite days are ones where it is just the perfect temperature to chill outside with a nice cold, refreshing beer and have some laughs with my friends.

Even on the hottest days of the summer you can still catch me in jeans.  Yes, it may be as hot as ever and as humid as everything but I feel most comfortable in jeans, super skinny jeans none the less 🙂 I may be wearing jeans almost all summer long but I love to throw a cute little tank on and I’m set for the day.  Along with a cute little tank, a good pair of sandals can make any outfit that much better.

It may be a few days past ‘the first day of summer’ but I’m starting my summer off in the cutest, light weight tank with a pair of block wedges that only cost $35 (I love me a good sale) 19427859_10155205914225552_626851070_n.jpg

Everything in this post besides the shoes I’ve had.  The white jeans I’ve linked are not the same ones but the same brand.  They fit just right.  I have long legs and it’s really hard to find jeans that actually fit the length of my legs.  Sadly, the cute lace coral top is longer available but I’ll link other options from the same store.  I’ve also linked Sunglass options  . The striped fold-over bag is no longer available but is the perfect bag for any summer outfit.


Sometimes the outfit is all about the footwear.  I have to tell you these sandals can definitely make an outfit just right.  First off-I am on the taller side, almost 5’9 so when buying any shoes with any type of heel I have to check the heel height considering I am already taller than my husband when I’m not wearing any shoes.  This is the first pair of sandals that I own that have a block heel and I have to say I love them.  Not only do they have a cute little tassel but they also have a strappy detail to wrap around the ankle with a zip-up back.  These sandals come in 3 different colors-black, sand and olive.  The black and sand are on sale for $34.99 and the olive is $24.99.  //GO BUY THEM//




Let the summer fun begin 





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