I did a recent fitting room session try-on at American Eagle and even though they have a lot of cute clothes right now I wasn’t that impressed with how some of the things looked on me. I am a big fan of button-ups but I’ve always had them fit closer to the body, so when I had a chance to try on a ‘boyfriend fit’ button up I took the chance.

Jeans-they weren’t my favorite. I am a huge fan of destroyed jeans but the whole fake destroyed demin isn’t my thing. With that being said, I am wearing a size 0 in color “Mad Mess”.

Top-this is the first boyfriend top I have tried on and I actually enjoyed it. I liked that it was a looser fit but with the color I still felt girly in it. I am wearing a size small in the color blush.
The top is on **SALE-$29.90**

Shoes-separate post about these later this week/next week

Jeans-i liked the color of these jeans but they are a little too high-waisted for me. I’m wearing a size 0 in color Deep Blue Sea.

Top-the material of this shirt was really comfortable but it’s supposed to be long sleeve and I’m wearing a size small and it did not fit the length of my arm so I would have to size up to a medium for it to fit my arm and than it would be large everywhere else so this shirt is a no go for me. color-blue

Jeans-now these jeans, they fit like a glove and the destroyed areas are just right. I like the color, they photograph a little darker. I’m wearing a size 0 in Steel Blue.

Top-this shirt is just like the blush one I pictured earlier and it fits the same way. It has a paint-splattered look and it can be styled super casual. I’m wearing a size small in Black.
The top is on **SALE-$29.90**

Jeans-this is the first time I ever tried on a pair of ‘tom girl’ jeans and I’m indifferent about them. I liked the destroyed aspect and everything about the jeans except for the the ‘crotch’ area. I’m wearing a size 0 in “Destroy Is A Thing”.

Top-another boyfriend top and I love this one. I like the plaid look and I’m wearing a size small in cream and its super comfortable and I wasn’t minding the loose fit.
The top is on **SALE-$29.90**


I have everything linked except for the shoes so if you see something you like go check out the pieces I’ve tried on and let me know what your thoughts are on the pieces.


check back later this week or next week for a post about the shoes 🙂