Start of Summer

You can never predict a summer in Pennsylvania.  We have days that are hot with a cool breeze, days that are hot with a hot breeze, days filled with rain and clouds and days that are just too humid to want to do anything else besides sit inside in the a/c.  My favorite days are ones […]

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I’ve seen other bloggers post about the Victoria Beckham at Target collection and needed to check it out for myself and I must say I want EVERYTHING.  My mom and I went to Target last week to check out what the Target near us had and even my mom was a fan of almost the […]

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sunday craft

My husband and I have this thing for champagne.  Before we had the jobs we have now we created this thing we like to call Champagne. Bacon. LMN. Sunday. (LMN=Lifetime Movie Network) Yes, my husband would watch this channel with me, but back to the star of this post, the champagne.  My husband and I […]

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